Haven Place USA can customize mattresses to fit the different shape and size of any vehicle, cot, and bed. We will construct your mattress just how you want it or even better depending on your desired mattress length, width, height and where it is going to be placed. Your comfort is important to us, so do let us know the type of comfort you are looking for and we can make your mattress soft, medium, firm or hard.

Our custom fit mattresses are made in USA and all materials used are from the USA. They can be made with a variety of materials including gel memory foam, visco-elastic memory foam, soy foam, latex, super soft foam, and high density foam.

Special Benefits and Features of Our Custom Mattresses

  • Economical
  • Personalized
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy To Clean
  • Customized construction
  • Innovative to fit your needs
  • Highly durable and quality materials
  • Anti-Static, Odor Free, Non-Allergenic, Fluid Proof 
  • Bed Bug & Dust Mite Proof, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal
  • Custom labor done in the USA
  • Made in the USA materials
  • Quick delivery time

Made To Order mattresses



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Questions & Answers

Q. Can the mattress be folded for storage?
A. Yes, we can customize mattresses that can fold. We will build the mattress to fold upon your request.

Q.Do you deliver and installation?
A. Yes, we do delivery and installation.

Q. How will the finished custom mattress be packed once it is ready to be delivered?
A. The custom mattress will be wrapped with one layer of plastic and another layer of heavy plastic to protect the foot portion of the mattress      when transporting.

Q.Do you accept out of California orders?
A. Yes, depending on the final destination and the amount of mattresses needed, we will deliver orders from outside California with                    additional handling and delivery costs.

Q.Can you build mattresses with vinyl covers?
A. Yes, please specify stitched on or removable vinyl mattress covers.

Q. What will be our lead time for customizing mattresses by bulk orders?
A. Lead time for bulk custom mattresses will depend on quantity and type of mattress.

Q. Do you use Fire Retardant materials?
A. Yes, we use nylon and rayon blend as well as wool applied all around directly under the ticking of the mattress. Instead of using treated          cotton or nylon threads, we use Nomex or Kevlar.

Q.What will be the warranty of the mattresses?
A. Warranty on custom mattresses will be from 5 to 8 years depending on the type of mattress built for you.  

Q. How do you handle custom mattress customer concerns?

A. We make our mattresses with strong, best rated, and long lasting materials, and guarantee high customer satisfaction and quality                 workmanship. Should you have a concern about your custom mattress, please give us a call at 1-844-742-2380. For finished custom             mattresses in California that have been already delivered and installed, we send someone to your site to inspect the mattress. Your               custom mattress will be assessed and shall be repaired according to the inspection survey. For those shipped outside California, we will       request for photographs and a detailed description and someone will work closely with you.

Q. What other fibers do you use in customizing a mattress?
A. We use Tencel fibers, Aloe Vera, Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Hemp fibers

Q. What are the weight capacities of your customized mattresses?
A. All custom mattresses have different weight capacities depending on the type of mattress built for you.

Q. Can you customize a label for the mattress?
A. Yes, we may put your desired name and label on the mattress as well as customize the outside of the mattress such as putting a color          welt around the mattress and much more.

Our turn-around time for custom single mattress orders is 5-7 days and multiple orders will depend on the quantity and type of custom mattress.

We test our custom fit mattresses for durability and only use Certipur US certified foams.

5-8 year warranties apply depending on the type of mattress constructed for you.

We do site surveys to measure the area where you need to place the mattress, discuss the type of mattress you want, and give you a quote including delivery and installation.

Pricing will depend on the quality of the mattress you decide on but we will also give our best mattress recommendation depending on your needs.

Although our custom mattresses are not waterproof, we have water resistant materials which help stop water from penetrating through the mattress. Custom mattresses are not returnable, nor are they cancellable, exchangeable or refundable.

Each custom mattress is made in accordance to a specific use or need therefore we do keep mattress templates and information on file. If you would like a replacement or a new custom mattress, re-measuring is needed. Existing mattress dimensions can change over time.

We can custom mattresses for:
Sofa Beds
Antique or Vintage Beds
Round, Square and an Uncommon Shape Bed
Olympic Queen
Truck Sleepers
Semi- Truck Sleepers
Boats and Yachts
Horse Trailer Beds
Toddler Beds
Pet Beds
Residential Beds
Commercial Beds
Healthcare Beds
Private Transportation
Other Commercial Transportation