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After purchasing a mattress, do not remove the product tag. The tag identifies the product warranty should you have a claim. The manufacturers tag may also have specific guidelines or instructions for mattress care. 

Proper installation of your mattress and foundation is important. Improper installation can damage your new sleep set.
Using a mattress cover or pad is highly recommended to keep your mattress comfortable, clean, and fresh and protects your mattress from perspiration, bodily fluids, spills, and stains. It prolongs the life of your mattress and keeps the dust mites out. 
A washable and waterproof mattress cover is preferable. You may also use a cover for your box spring foundation if you wish. A practical cover to use would be a fitted sheet that will match your fitted sheet on your mattress. 

From time to time, it is good to rotate your mattress from top to bottom and from end to end. This helps in lengthening the life of your mattress.

Never transport your mattress unsupported when moving. Proper support keeps the mattress intact, and in its original shape and form. Careful carrying of your mattress includes lifting with your legs from underneath and using straps to help better position the mattress.

To clean your mattress, you may vacuum and use mild soap with cold water or warm water (for tougher stains) to remove a stain but avoid getting it drenched with water. Too much moisture will create a breeding ground for mold.  Then, let it dry completely. If the stain is sticky or has a bad odor, sprinkle a little baking soda to cover the stain and wait for about 15-20 minutes. Use a vacuum to entirely remove baking soda. 

Avoid sitting on the same spot of your mattress. This can affect the structure of your mattress and lose its shape early. 

Check the condition of your box spring foundation twice a year. It may need tightening or adjusting on a loose mechanism or part.  


Haven Place USA mattresses have a warranty of ten years. 

Product Registration

Please complete the product registration card found in your packaging and mail to the product registration department. Address is on the card.

Care and Warranty​

​When purchasing a new mattress, make sure you pick the right box spring foundation if it needs one. The foundation gives you the proper support for your mattress and serves as a smooth, flat, continuous surface. It is made out of breathable material allowing your mattress to breathe and strengthens the slat support system of your bed frame. It helps stabilize the mattress making it safe and comfortable to sleep on.

Let your brand new mattress breathe for a few hours by leaving it uncovered to let the new product odor dissipate.
Please do not allow jumping on the mattress as it will damage the construction of your bed and make it very unsafe to use. Jumping on the mattress damages the layers, fibers and springs of your mattress.