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Brand Story

The story of Haven Place USA is simple and true. The inspiration behind the name comes from our purpose to touch every inner human spirit in their place of Rest, Relaxation, and Restoration, bringing happiness into all areas of life. People dream about their haven where one lives life fully without negative distractions, where one can experience self-content and peace of mind. With comfort and safety in mind, and an optimistic outlook to reach out to those who want their dream mattress but could not afford it, Haven Place USA offers and promotes positive change with its products that are relaxing, calming, fun and new, re-energizing and refreshing, practical, relatable, safe, durable, and reliable at modest prices.

This is where Haven Place USA begins.

We look into the benefits and aspects of a product which improves lives and promotes positive change through a mattress. A mattress one could call, his or her own. Our mattresses and all our products are simple, beautiful, durable, comfortable, efficient, affordable, a high conformer to innovation, and eco-friendly.  We tend toward precision without changing the elements of one’s sleep but rather partner with innovation keys solving problems and place more emphasis on one’s potential to change his or her sleeping habits that is safe, quiet and worry free. The Haven Place USA Team is full of wisdom, energy, and motivation. Our unique offering through innovative ways shall continue on and will transform the inspiration of Rest, Relax and Restore into ideal bedrooms and lifestyles where one could use, keep, enjoy and share with family and friends for a long time. So it is just the beginning for Haven Place USA, and what a wonderful place to be in. ​