What is our return policy? 

There is a no return policy on all bedding and/or bedding items.

Does our memory foam mattress need a foundation or can you use your current foundation? 

Our memory foam mattress needs a smooth flat surface as a foundation.  Your traditional box spring is not well suited for our memory foam, as the springs are separated and spread out, thereby allowing for gaps and unevenness.  An improper foundation is one of leading reasons for a faulty mattress; and for voiding a mattress warranty.  There are different foundations heights to choose from depending on your needs. The different heights are 2 inch, 5 inch, and 9 inch.  Haven Place USA offers a 7 inch high and a 14 inch foundation.

Shouldn't you know what you're spending one third of your life on?

What’s in a mattress? 

Typically, mattresses are made of innerspring coils, memory foam, or a combination of both.  Innerspring mattresses can also have layers of polyurethane foam over the coils to enhance comfort. Memory foam was first developed by NASA. Recently, gel memory foam has been introduced because it has the same visco-elastic properties of regular memory foam however it is more breathable so you will stay cooler for longer while in bed.

What are the standard dimensions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average lifespan of our mattress?

The average lifespan of our mattress is reported to be 8-10 years, with proper care.  Many times a new mattress is needed because the old one had no form of protection; thereby, there was an accumulation of bodily oils, skin cells, perspiration, and dust mites.  We highly recommend a mattress protector to promote the longevity of our mattress and reach the 8-10 year mark. A mattress protector will help prevent all harmful stains and dust mites from ruining our mattress and voiding the warranty of our mattress. 

How do you clean our mattress?  

We recommend cleaning our mattress on a seasonal basis much like rotating the mattress.  One can take off the linens and vacuum to remove skin flakes, dust mites, and hair.  For stains, it depends on the type of stain in order to determine the removal option.  However, we again recommend a mattress protector from day one; this will help you obtain the longest lifespan for your investment.

What is the average density of our memory foam mattress?  

This is an excellent question. The industry average is somewhere between 4-6 pounds per cubic foot; however, some are trending towards 3 lbs as industry technologies are advancing.  With that being said, it has more to do with the ‘memory’ in ‘memory foam’ than the density of memory foam.  Meaning, the strength of the memory foam will depend on its high resiliency rather than its density.  Different factors are used in determining the rating of a mattress; such as how much weight is applied, how long the weight is applied, and how often the weight is applied. 

Haven Place USA


TWIN39 X 74
TWIN XL39 X 80
FULL54 X 74
QUEEN60 X 80 
KING76 X 80

Note: Sizes are in inches and may vary by product and manufacturer.

Should I buy a new box foundation?  

It is highly recommended. A properly supported mattress will give you even more years of use and comfort. The mattress foundation acts as frame support to your mattress. Manufacturer warranties require a matching mattress and foundation. Also for your safety, it is imperative to have the matching mattress and foundation to be Fire Retardant Compliant.  

Is there any recommended cleaning method for our mattresses?  

The only method recommended would be vacuuming, and maybe a damp cloth with cold water and mild soap; otherwise, consult a professional mattress cleaner.  Never use cleaners or chemicals or dry-cleaning because these may affect the upper layer support on the mattress.  As well, any stains or markings will void warranty.  We highly recommend a mattress protector at the same time you purchase the mattress.  



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