Day to Day Ultimate Solution Mattresses

Dear Friends & Families,

Home furnishings are a must have in every household. One of the most important household items is a mattress and people want it delivered quickly for immediate use. Every day thousands of people buy mattresses and they look for a particular one that befriends them.

Haven Place USA brings the ultimate solution to your mattress needs when it comes to quality, durability, comfort, and affordability. We are here to bring you not just a mattress but a reliable partner when you rest, relax and restore. We are a partner to your lifestyle needs by delivering new innovations to mattresses and top of bed furnishings with pressure relief, breathable, and cooling materials. These materials are made of memory foam, I-gel and cooling gel foam, bio-foam that comes from a natural plant oil that is eco friendly; we use natural ingredients that are antibacterial and help remove foam odor; we have latex foam designed to provide a perfect combination of the resilient latex without allergic reaction and the shock absorbing visco-elastic support that also creates an excellent air flow; our air memory foam is extra durable and has excellent breathability and resilience;

Our six key areas of innovations solve problems in conventional ways and don’t shift paradigms. Sensitive to people’s needs and work to maintain team cohesion, teamwork, and cooperation, Haven Place USA mattresses is a practical solution to every household offers.

In the nearest future, we will bring to you lifestyles for home and furnishing that begin with our mattresses. These lifestyles are your everyday and practical ideas for your special haven, the bedroom. Meanwhile, we begin now with the introduction of our products and look forward to a mutually wonderful day!

Welcome to Haven Place USA!

Sean Roh
President & CEO



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